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Practice Panda | Article Library
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Practice Panda | Article Library
Practice Panda | Article Library

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Our Tax & Accounting Articles

The Article Library contains over 400 articles for your use. 

This Year in Taxes

A glance at important tax information that the IRS updates and revises each year.

Individual Taxes

Tax tips and information to help minimize the amount of money that an individual taxpayer owe Uncle Sam.

Your Money

Personal finance tips to help people of all walks of life be better with their money.


Scammers and identity thieves are always trying to steal money. Here are some tips to try and keep them at bay, along with suggested steps to take when they do strike.

For Your Business

Tax, financial and management tips for the small business owner

The Basics: FAQ

These articles help explain some of the fundamental principles of the U.S. tax code.

Tax Planning

The best way to minimize an annual tax bill is by planning ahead. These articles focus on tax planning opportunities for your clients.

In the News

The tax and financial world is constantly evolving. Read a summary about recent developments and news that matter for your tax and accounting clients.

The Audit

An audit by the IRS or any other taxing authority doesn’t have to automatically result in a larger tax bill. Read about how to defend yourself if an audit does occur, along with tips to try and prevent an audit in the first place.

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    Our articles are written by tax experts, ensuring accuracy and credibility.

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