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Practice Panda | Contact

Specific questions about your account.

Log into your Account/Dashboard to schedule a Check In Call with one of our Account Managers. This feature is found under the Support drop down on the left hand navigation menu.

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Practice Panda | Contact

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Understanding Practice Panda’s Services

    Is there a contract?

    No, it’s pure month-to-month billing which gives you the flexibility to decide what you need when you need it. Turn it on when you need it and turn it off when you don’t.

    Will I get help to set this up?

    Yes, you go through a 45-minute Orientation call with one of our Account Managers to walk you through getting everything set up.

    Do you post it, or do I have to post it?

    All our Newsletters and Tax Tips post automatically because that’s the “what’s happening in the world today” stuff so it’s on a set publish schedule so it auto posts to your website, social media, and emails out when publish. Our other content, i.e., Videos and Articles, can be set up to auto post or email anytime you like.

    Can I use my own website, or do I need yours?

    Our content works on any website, so you get to choose which website to use.

    How is your Support?

    Great! You can schedule live calls, email, or use our Help Center right from the home page of your dashboard.

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